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Something About Us

Shuttered Light Photography & Video was established in 2010 and is mainly composed by 2 brothers, Richard and Robbie, together with their talented creative team.

We are based in Los Angeles California. We cover Southern California - Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara and Ventura County. We also love to travel for destination weddings.

Our goal is to tell your love story with photojournalistic mixed with styled photos and cinematic video. We aim to give you the best experience on your wedding day.

We have you in mind. We offer you to have a one-stop-shop for photography and video services. Aside from photo and video coverage, we also provide prints, albums, canvas and photobooth.

We do not limit ourselves with weddings but we also cover other events to immortalize important milestones in your life.

When you hire us for both photography and video, aside from getting a bundle discount... we will make sure to give you the best experience, high quality photos & videos, and consistent story telling of your wedding day.

Our photographers and cinematographers work together as a team making sure that we get all the shots that we need without getting into each other's viewfinder.

We are brothers!

Richard, the photographer

Richard Fadera established Shuttered Light Photography in 2010. Before pursuing his passion in photography, he has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and worked in a Semiconductor company. 

He has an artistic side in capturing the light and started digital photography in 2007 with automotive and motor sports. He started focusing photographing people and events by attending Master classes, workshops and learning from great artists. 

Today, he works as a full time Event Photographer.

Richard is experienced shooting both with natural and artificial lights (studio). He shoots and post-processes RAW files using Adobe softwares like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Richard loves shooting engagements and wedding because of the interaction and emotions he is capturing. 

Other than photography, he loves to travel and experience outdoors. He loves to snowboard and go offroading .

"Everyone has a story. Let me capture it!"

Robbie, the videographer

Robbie, founder of Fad-Era Productions, joined the team when he decided to move back to California in 2013. He has the passion for creating art either in paper and pencil or in digital format. He pursued his creativity and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts.

He is experienced in shooting video using both natural and artificial lights. He edits the video clips using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. For his graphics designs, he uses a tablet to draw, Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance it.

Robbie specializes in taking videos of weddings and similar events.

Aside from creating cinematic videos, he loves European cars and fashion.

"Spread jah love!"

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